Elevated Photos

We here at Orange County Real Tours like to ensure that we offer the newest technology available in order to help our clients and customers receive picture perfect angles. One of the shots that we offer our clients is elevated photography.

Elevated photography is a process to take aerial photos with a system that is ground based and it emulates an airborne asset. Generally, more flexible than aerial or satellite imaging, elevated photography is a way to get highly detailed images with a bird’s eye view.

Elevated Photos are the most useful for real estate with large grounds, businesses, and commercial properties. The reason a property would use an elevated photo is to capture the surroundings of a property and to help a potential buyer to visualize the possibilities for the property

We at Orange County Real Tours would like to thank Business Properties of Irvine for allowing us to work on this project and we give an open welcome to potential clients that would give us the opportunity to show their property in a new way.

Major Site Revisions

We’re in the process of converting the whole site to WordPress!  Pardon our dust!  Hope you like the new format!

Choice Hotels International

Christmas has come early here at Orange County Real Tours, and we have some very exciting news to share! Thanks to the diligent efforts of our parent corporation, Real Tour Vision, we at Orange County Real Tours have become one of only two providers for still and 360 photography for Choice Hotels International!

This contract with Choice Hotels International (parent corporation for many fine hotel chains such as Comfort Inn & Suites, Quality Inn, and Econo-lodge, to name a few) brings a new sense of professional achievement to us here at Orange County Real Tours. We have operated thus far under the assumption that with hard work, time, and a level of productivity and professionalism that many competitors lack, we would be rewarded with contracts much like the one we have just received; but to see the reward, here and now, still brings a pleasant shock that’s hard to describe. It’s kind of like opening a present Christmas morning that you fully expected to receive, but are still shocked to see in your hands.

We plan to take full advantage of this new gift, and reward those who gave it in full, with years of faithfully performed hard work and effort on their behalf. We’ve already shot our first location, the Quality Inn in West Covina, and are proud to share with you some of the results:

As you can see, this fine establishment is a beautiful hotel, and not terribly difficult to express as such in still frame, but nonetheless we’re proud once again with our results; specifically when weighed against similar results by the competition.

We at Orange County Real Tours would just like to thank the folks at Choice Hotels International once more for the faith they have shown in our small company, and also everyone at Real Tour Vision for assisting us in the development of this contract. We wont let you down!

Holiday Retirement Communities

Orange County Real Tours is proud to present the latest edition to our rapidly growing list of satisfied customers, Holiday Retirement Inc.. The friendly staff at the locations we’ve shot already have proved to be very courteous and patient with the process, offering to help us find the views of their properties which show off just how fantastic these sites already appear. Here are a few examples:

As you can see, these gorgeous grounds and interiors are just begging to be photographed, but we’re proud of just how good a job we did. The light captured perfectly at mid-day (the trickiest time of day to shoot successfully) on the exterior; the warm and refined look of the bedroom, captured perfectly as well; and the clever use of mirror to display both an up-close look at the fully adorned dining table and a distant look at the warm, open dining hall. We think it’s apparent in these photos that we take our profession quite seriously, and we are further proud of that.

Orange County Real Tours wishes to thank the friendly staff at Holiday Retirement once more for their gracious hospitality and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship!

On Being A “Start-Up”

What exactly is a start-up? What defining factors differentiate a “Start-up” from an “Entrepreneur”? Does a start-up become an entrepreneurial endeavor the moment it finds a stable plateau in the red? Does an entrepreneurial endeavor then regress to a start-up, should they find themselves back in black?

Wiktionary defines a start-up as: “The act or process of starting a process or machine; a new business venture or organization.”

So then, the definitions are essentially: A) the act of making a thing which was inanimate, animated; or to put it more poetically, the act of making a thing which was essentially lifeless, come to life and operate with a flawless efficacy, so determined in it’s purpose that it may be called “A Machine”; or B) The New Guy.

We at Orange County Real Tours personally find the former considerably more flattering than the latter. It speaks to purpose. The desire to begin a thing, to watch it perform flawlessly, it’s only purpose to provide to you the exact service which you required of it. No games. No bells. No whistles. Simple efficacy; that and that alone.

There is a romanticized vision of start-ups these days. A vision of long months of ramen noodles; of blood and sweat and tears. A vision of lots of hard work that will, hopefully, only need to be performed for a certain amount of time before the profits just come rolling in.

This is not our vision. Our vision is to build the machine. A machine which operates effectively, every single time. A machine which produces quality imaging for your business, without fail. A machine which prides itself on it’s workmanship, and not it’s ability to pull customers in with gimmicks and sales-pricing, only to provide to them sub-par service.

We at Orange County Real Tours pride ourselves on the level of professionalism and the quality of imaging you will receive when choosing our service over the competitions, and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it will take but one opportunity to prove to you, the valued customer, that we are not just some “Start-up”, seeking your patronage in a desperate bid to get the money and get out; rather, that we are “Entrepreneurs-in-the-making”, and that we have every intention of providing the level of service and professionalism required to be such, for many years to come.

Intro to the OCRT Crew: Bang

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Welcome to OC Real Tours’ WordPress blog.  We are a local Orange County small business whose specialty is in high quality 360 tours (“spins”) of real estates and business properties.  We use professional equipment and a digital SLR that provides high resolution photos.  Join us as we retell our adventures in photography, and check back often for news and discounts on our services!